Sony- NEX5RK 16.1MP


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Hi I'm looking to get a camera for my fish tank I'm looking in to this one Sony- NEX5RK 16.1MP what do u guys think is it fast enough to get the baby clown in action and for close up in my corals any input will be appreciated thank


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Not sure of any good macro lenses for the nex line. I would stick to a dslr. Just my opinion.


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To help muddy your decision, I think it'd be fine with that camera. There is a 30mm macro that does 1:1. It won't have quite the same working room as a dslr alternative but there's plenty to like about the NEX line. If I ever have to replace my G12 I'd go for a mirrorless camera like that. (That doesn't mean I'd trade one either of my 5Ds)


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I'm a little late to the party but I have it's big brother, the NEX 7. As Doug said there's still a dearth of lenses, but I've gotten some reasonable tank shots with the kit zoom. There are adapters available to mount pretty much any lens on the NEX, but obviously you lose the advantage of compactness.

Photography isn't my first or second hobby, I'm the kind of amateur who buys a new body once a decade (last was a Nikon N80...with film!) and acquires lenses slowly. So the lack of lenses right now wasn't a big con for me. I really like the features that the EVF allows: seeing changes to exposure in real time and focus peaking/focus zoom.




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I have the nex5 and I'm happy with it. They do make a 60mm macro and Sony does make an adapter that allows you to use any of the alpha series lenses. And as said above you can get adapters to use almost any lenses manufacture as well.