Sos!! Help!!!


I am freaking-out. Yesterday I awoke to a dead wrasse. Ok that happens every so often so I just chalked it up to dying a natural death. This AM I awoke to my Powder Blue, Orange Shoulder, Gem and Purple all dead and others about to be dead. Devastated.

My parameters are as follows:

Salt: 35
Temp: 78.8
pH: 8.01
dKH: 8.92
Ca:L 465
Mg: 1209

The remaining fish look "cloudy"...not Ich...the only new thing I have done recently is turn back on my Ca reactor after having it off for about 2 weeks.



My Nitrates are OFF THE CHARTS HIGH. I don't know why! The ONLY thing I recently did was leave my cCa Rx off for 2 weeks and then turned it back on (pumps only--not CO2 yet)....could Nitrates have risen exponentially in the reactor and then dumped into the DT when I turned it back on the other day?


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I know once when I was trying to catch a wrasse and going through all the sand a lot of nitrates escaped and I had a flagfin angel pass and a damn bandit angel.

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