Sound Proofing the Stand

Itchy Trigger

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Can anyone here recommend a material that I can use to serve as sound proofing for my large aquarium's stand? This would be mostly just to dampen the sound of the water splashing in the sump, etc. I was thinking Neoprene or something like that. Something with a peel and stick option would be nice. Anyone?

Vinny Kreyling

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There was a phone booth in a factory I worked in. It was a noisy place. The phone booth had the above material on the walls & it was Quiet in there.
I concur with John.


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I would be worried about it absorbing moisture from the inevitable spray. If you must, I'd be tempted to use something like Styrofoam panels. You could even use velcro to hold them in place so that they could be rinsed off from time to time.


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It can be helpful to remember to put a padding of some kind underneath the sump/fuge and whatever else is down there; it's surprising how much sound can be dampened that way.