Specific directions on bowl feeding for clam


Many of you gave me encouragement to purchase another clam and I did from Barry - he was wonderful!

The clam is doing okay, still a little stressed from the journey to Oregon but I am hopeful.

I did a search related to feeding with DTs but I could not find all of the information I need.

How much DTs and how much tank water do you put in the bowl? Like 5 cc of DTs to 200 cc of water??

Do you feed them after the lights are out of during the day with actinics on? Does it matter?

I did read that most people leave the clam for 20-30 minutes or until the water is clear. I also read that most people float the bowl in the water to keep the clam warm.

Anything I am missing??

Thanks for your help! I am really hoping for success.

what i do with my clams is i went to target and bought a small rubbermaid container that holds about 2-3 gallons. i put them in the bathroom on the counter and put enough dt's in the container to make the water green. i also put in a extra heater in the container to keep the temp right. i usually give the clams about an hour to filter out phyto. this seems to work very well. they seem to be very happy. i only have 3 four inch clams were this is not really neccesary from what i have been told. but since we spend so much on theses guys shouldn't you put a little time in to take a little bit of extra care.
I just turn my skimmer off and feed the tank with DT i use 30ml per 100g of water every three days i don't get my clams out off the water is to stressful and some of them they are to big to get them out.I leave my skimmer off for four hours.

I have also bought several clams from clamsdirect and Barry has a artical on his site how he feeds small clams. I have followed it and it waorks well for me.

Just take some of the tank water out of the tank and put in enough Dt's to turn the water a very light green, after about 20 minutes or so the water will be clear meaning the clams have filtered the DT's out and then place the clams back into the tank.



you can just scrape all that algae film off your tank glass, turn off your skimmer and filters and that feeds them too:)
Thanks everyone. I will have to look again at Barry's site. I looked for "a receipt" but I did not see it. I just feed my two new babies and they did well. After about 30 minutes the water was much clearer - not totally clear but not light green any longer.

With my previous groups of clams I did add DTs to my tank water but these guys are a little smaller and I really want them to do well so I am more than willing to take the time and do the bowl method.

I am still concerned about my maxima. The dersa has already attached itself to the shell I placed it on but the maxima is not opening as well as it was last Saturday. I will be curious to see what today brings me.