Spectrapure 90 GPD 5 stage +1 RODI unit


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I know this belongs in the sale trade section, but ive yet to find it, this site has changed SO much in 10 years!

Older Spectrapure 5 stage RO/DI unit with EXTRA element canister for extra particle filtration (SO 6 STAGE FILTRATION!!) This is a 2011 MFG unit that has made many thousands of gallons of RO/DI for a very large reef tank I had.. BUT since the all my fish tanks are now gone, I've no use for an RO/DI unit.. SO - almost new Membrane, Filter beds and Carbon fiber block filters - they were all JUST replaced in the spring of this year.. Unit has made less than 300 gallons of water since filter/resin bed/membrane replacements... This unit is ready to plug in and make 1000's of gallons pure water. Included in sale is the Spectrapure 5 stage unit as shown, PLUS an additional filter body, 1 NEW spare particle filter - 1 micron, new batteries on OUTPUT meter, and Plastic Filter body wrench. Input TDS meter and pressure gauge are inoperative, but who cares, as long as output TDS meter reads 000TDS - your making excellent water! Comes with Filter Wrench, hose type connector on 6th element body, new batteries on input meter, and very low time filters... My local water is quite dirty - hence the extra particle filter... BUT - using this 6th element greatly improves the life of the rest of the filters and membranes regardless of where you live!!!! ESPICALLY if the first (stand alone) filter is 5 or one micron, then the SECOND particle filter is 1 or .5 micron, then the rest of the filter bodies/membranes last much loner!! THIS IS AN AWESOME DEAL as new 5 stage RO/DI units are selling north of $325. THIS IS 6 STAGES!! $120 to start auction, $30 for fedex ground shipping CONUS ONLY! OUTSIDE CONUS add more for shipping!!! and NO INTERNATIONAL shipping!! Feel free to ask questions! NOTE: 30 day return guarantee!!! - less return shipping! You wont be disappointed! PM me for pics or email is ken70bell@gmail.com Item also listed with pictures on Ebay under fixnfly70.