SpectraPure 90GPD - What filters to replace?


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Hi all, I've had my RO unit for about 4 months now, using quite heavily. I have probably ran about 1000 gallons through it.

I am noticing I am at about 45gpd now. I think its time to replace the filters.

What filters do I need to buy/replace?

I can't find much about this....

Anyone know?


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What is your TDS? We have 75 GPD and a 125. Doing 25% bi-weekly. Replace carbon and sediment every 6 months. RODI is replaced when TDS doesn't read zero. Bypass RODI and measure TDS from membrane. Measure TDS of straight tap. The water from the bypass should be 10% of the TDS from the tap or lower. Replace if over 10%. We've only replaced membrane twice in 8 years.
Condition of carbon and sediment will prolong membrane.


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I highly recommend to have the pressure gauge and a flush valve installed in your rodi.
I was able to extend the life of my filter twice as much buy flushing the system in a regular basis and the pressure gauge will help you identify when the filters r do to be change.


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Often it is just the sediment filter that needs it.

You should be testing waste water for chlorine. You want to change them before chlorine makes it through. If at 6 months its still not making it through I would change the carbon blocks anways.

I would replace them to match their 90gpd maxcap system. Also check your waste to product ratio. It should be 4:1. If your supply water is colder due to being winter the unit will run slower.

You should be getting tds from the membrane that is less than 4% of incoming tds.
You should be getting 0tds from the first and last stage.