Spike Fin Goby


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I came across with this gorgeous fish. It's really small so I was thinking about put it in my 3G Pico tank. I believe they do stay very small.

But my question is, what do they eat? Can I feed them frozen brine shrimp or mysis? or even flake food?

Is this shrimp goby? Is he going to pair up with small pistol shrimp? Or can I put two of this gobies in 3G tank?



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Stonogobiops nematodes, Stonogobiops yasha are sometimes called spike fins I think. If thats what you are talking about I have a nematodes it eats mysis, flake, and pellets.


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oh ok that works i typed in that and it came up! they look weird to me....i was want to get a rippled coral goby have you seen one of those but i dont think they are very common.....if not a blue goby.


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Are you referring to Discordipinna griessingeri? I've never personally kept one but based on their size I would reccomend small mysis or cyclopeeze. This is not a shrimp goby, it is cryptic and will hide in the rocks most of the time.

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Kept a spike fin(griessingeri) beautiful fish never fed specifically but was or is in my 65 reef. I rarely have ever seen him except when moving rocks.


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These guys are great fish but very cryptic. A 3g tank would be prefect since you might actually see it once in a while. I would recommend feeding it cyclopeeze, very small pieces of mysis, and try to find the bottles of live pods.