Sponge Fragging, Blending, Chopping etc question


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I didn't see the a sponge specific forum so I thought I would start here. A friend and I split a red ridge sponge in half and so far they look fine. I was wondering if there is any truth to the notion that you can blend a sponge, or chop it really finely, and spread the sponge slurry throughout your tank and essentially have a bunch of new sponge growth. Anyone know?


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Worked for me. I had about a square foot of bright yellow sponge growth but only in one corner of the tank. So I took a scraper tool and scraped it all off into zillions of pieces. About a month later bright yellow spots showed up in about 10 other places. And the places they settle are exactly the places of preferred flow for them, as opposed to when you try to choose your own places for them.