Spotted Puffer Fish in my reef tank?!


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I just bought a 75 gal tank, in the tank were 2 spotted puffer fish, along with some zoanthids, mushrooms, and a few other soft corals. I've tried to do some research, and it says these fish aren't reef safe. Has anyone had any experience keeping these fish in reef tanks? Or should I keep them in a fish only tank? I also saw that it's not smart to keep 2 puffer fish in a tank together, should I separate them, or are they okay together, since they were already?


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Is it a green spotted puffer? If so I have one in my reef tank. He was there before we went reef and my gf loved him. I think most people will tell you puffers are a no no in reef. And I would agree. But I've never had an issue with our GSP.


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If you are taking a Canthigaster papua -- I would kiss any and all corals goodbye. Mine loves to eat zoas, SPS, clams, etc., lucky enough for me I other tanks to move most of the corals into.

For a while there I was tempted to sell it, but it growing on me, so will have to keep it.