SPS and algae removal


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OK, I made another rookie mistake! I thought it would be good to have my vrtec blow right onto my stylopora.......... well, I hadn't cleaned the outside (orinside) of the vortec in some time and it shot little, very tiny, pieces of algae all over the stylo. Using a toothbrush, I was able to get all off except the pieces that got deep between the two fingers. Does anyone have a good way to get that off? I was almost thinking maybe there was a dip that I c ould put the coral in that would kill any algae that might take hold and grow while being 100% safe for the coral. Thx.

P.S. At Tony's house, I saw his gorgeous 450 and one of the first things hesaid was not to point flow directly at a close SPS!!!! Live and learn - I just hoppe that will be true of my stylo.


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I'd blow of what I could with a turkey baster and then use tweezers with the coral in the water so the algae fans out and can be grabbed. Careful with the tootbrush you could harm some tissue


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I found once you have algae growing on the dead spot of your corals, only the hermit crabs and small snails could clean it.



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If you are talking about getting algae that was blown into the coral out of the branches. You should pick up some hemostatic forceps from a medical supply store. That are a great thing to have in a reef tank. The forceps will allow you to easily get into the branches and remove anything that gets in there.