SPS coloration


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Hey got a question for yea guys, maybe others have had the same or similar things happen

Seems like some of my corals after adding them they "turn" the same colour or they seem to migrate to a green colour.

I recently bought a "cats paw" frag that was 3" colony and it was a light green yellow colour in the store under Leds i believe but not high end kinda drabby lights. now after acclimating it on the sand and now its been bout a month its lost all its yellow and its like a a neon green colour

Was this the colour original colour and the stores lights are too low ? or are my lights (rapid led full spectrum) more tuned to change the sps to greenish?

ill grab some pics


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SPS coloration

This happens all the time with me. I'll pick up a healthy frag from LFS that is drab maybe even brown and with in a couple weeks it becomes some beautiful color. My LFS uses high end LEDs. I use MH I think besides lighting LFS have much higher nutrient systems than we run in our tanks. I suspect the improved conditions causes SPS to color up.


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First pic looks brown to me then it colored up normal in your tank
If it turns green and it was yellow then possibly higher nutrients and bluer lighting could be the cause


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Ok thanks i just wanted to maybe get back the yellow colour lol maybe ill try moving it lower see what happens

I would leave it be. If that's a green birdsnest, the color it currently is would be the color it's supposed to be; it's very happy and healthy.

The former color was pale, with a little brown out and limited polyp extension. i.e. it was unhappy and in poor health.

Very few SPS have a true yellow color ii our tanks.