SPS corals peeling up from mount pics,Suggestions please


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I still have some to learn! Is there anything I can do to help these? The m.digitata is still growing but looks rough. Has fair PE at night

I do not remember the name of this acro. I have had all these corals for about 14 months and just learned how to make some of them grow the past 3 months.

I think this is a rose mili.. it was the last to come out of the low flow/light area. It just started getting PE a few months ago. No growth yet.

Whole tank shot

Thanks for any help. I need to update my tank info. I have added some actinics. I use a apogee light meter. Skimmers were removed Christmas day. Switched to kalk about 6 weeks ago. Koralia 2x2200 and 2x1400. One of the 1400 impellers just went out, ordered a wp-40. This problem has been there for at least 6 months. Tank is 18 months old.
Temp 78
ph 8.15-8.35
ca 430
alk 8 dkh
mg 1550 and coming down, was a little higher
nitrates 0 red sea
phosphates .08 red sea


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I think I figured it out by reading parts of Calfo's book again. More food is producing noticeable better PE. I had lowered the digitata a week ago, I think it was getting to much laminar flow. I started feeding coral frenzy and oyster feast at night. I have a 20 long up against a East facing window with a few 3 and 4 week old frags and more food is producing better PE on the acro.
Maybe fish poop just can't match the straight stuff!