Sps Digitata Grafting This Is A Cool Idea


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Hey we have all seen People graphy tree branches together with rubberbands. Over time they gowr together. For an experiment i am going to graph green digitata and purple polyp digitata and see if it holds. What a great idea eh. tell me all what you think? Pics to come soon...

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i would clip a piece of green digitata and mount it carefully t a purple polyp digitata. see if they grow into each other...


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i have had them grow into each other, sometimes they sting, sometime s they just try and grow around one another. pink digi will kill the others ime


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i have a green/blue polyp and purple/blue polyp caps that are fusing into one(neither caps seem to bothered by it).i am also trying to fuse a green milli and blue milli.


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i have a rock with green purp and orange growing into and around each other - the skeletons form a no man's zone border line wherever they meet but other then that all will be fine
but they will not make a true "graft" as you are trying - each will continue to grow independently - makes for a nice piece


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ive seen it done with caps someone i knew had a orange one with a small green frag in the center perrty cool looking keep us posted


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I'm new to SPS but I say give it a shot, worse case you will end up with two colonies glues together


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I wasnt going to chime in but just had to after I got to thinking about this...

Radio, you made a good point about tree graphing tree branches together causeing the two species to fuse...

Remember that CORALS are NOT PLANTS, they are animals and react as animals do.

Most of the time the same Genus of coral can live together symbiotically with no problems..

However there are a few cases where this doesnt work.

A good experiment to do would be to try fusing different colored frags of the same genus/species to see which color morph has a better defense reaction...

let us know your findings.


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this was interesting to hear back from everyone. I just get to a point now where i am into experimenting things. HHAHAHAH it i could extract dna from these things i would . There is always something to do with the tank but we can all admit when everything is set up perfectly we come up with crazy ideas. hahaha happy reefing everyone ill try to keep everyone updated with this..

summer is here guys and gals.


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