SPS For Sale


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In an effort to make my tank into a Birdsnest and Paly only tank I have some Milli's I would like to sell as a group.

ORA Blue Milli
Exoticfrags.com Red Milli (Not your average Pink)
Ultimate frags Blue Milli

A recent picture:


Everything looks the same except for the red milli, it has really taken off recently. Will try to get updated pictures Thursday night to post.

Also will include a large frag of my Ultimate Frags Purple with Yellow Birdsnest, bumped it and it broke a couple weeks ago and would rather keep the smaller piece as my other birdsnests are small, will get a picture of it Thursday as well but here's an old pic of the colony:


$90 for all 4 pieces. Can include Nuclear Green Paly's or RPE's as a freebie if interested.

PM me if interested.