SPS Frags and small colonies for sale. Pickup or handoff only please!


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I work in Bricktown, and travel all way South to Galloway twp so I travel bewteen Exit 44 and 90 on the GSP 5 days a week. I can meet anywhere in between on the Parkway or come down to my place and pick up!

Tank is TOO packed as I type, just lost a small encrusted colony of teal colored SPS, touched my Humilis and am afraid it may happen again. There are already a few others touching, with slow signs of recession on both. I am contemplating in getting a larger tank soon anyways, so now is the time to get rid of some extra SPS doubles.

First off, the pics were taken by my fiance's point and shoot camera, so please bear with the pictures :D

Tank lights are currently 6500K and VHO actinic 03's, so most of the corals have a hint of tan and may look washed. They WILL color up with higher Kelvin lights and more nutrients :)




Here's what I have:

1. Blue digitata colony on LR 4" X 4" $25
2. Elkhorn colony on LR 3" X 4" $30
3. Green Pocillopora on 6" LR 3" X 3" $30

Frags of (1-2" except for caps @ 2-3") :

Orange Cap (Montipora capricornis): $5
Purple cap $10
Green with purple rim $10
Lime green micropthalma $10
Light Blue prostrata $10
Yellow prostrata $10
Pink Birdsnest $15
Green Millepora $15
Peach Millepora $15
Purple tipped Millepora $15
Blue tortuosa $25

I have a few others, names escape me :D, best bet us to come frag shopping at my condo. Unfortunately, I only have availabilities during the week, Saturday and Sundays are extremely hard for me to get off work. I will post up what my availabilities are after Tuesday the 12th.
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Merv it's been awhile since I've seen your tank the growth is awesome:D

thanks francis...

bump bump bump.......

still a few more to be trimmed :D

frags galore i have


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until anything is picked up (minus the 3 colonies I posted), I have most of my colonies that can be trimmed and some mini colonies available.

I'm available Monday morning until 5'ish
Tuesday morning until 5'ish
and Wednesday until 3pm

you're more than welcome to swing by anytime within those days and even tonight after 7pm if you wish since you're within the locale. I have some frags on plugs kinda chilling in the tank too that I didn't post up.


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mott768 wrote on 09/09/2006 11:53 PM:
Hi Merv,
I was going to call you but I can't find your number, I would like to get the orange cap, Blue digitata colony, Light Blue prostrata, Yellow prostrata & Blue tortuosa. Also do you still have the frag you were holding for me? I'm going to see if a friend of mine wants to take a ride down your way if not how do you want to work this out? LMK

mikedan1 wrote on 09/11/2006 01:52 PM:
how about wednesday anytime Im on vacation you can call my cell 732XXXXXXX (purple cap)

Stidd wrote on 09/12/2006 06:06 PM:
Where are you located? Would Love to see what you have and get some Frags from you... I know that they would be awesome!

njjoe1 wrote on 09/12/2006 06:36 PM:
Orange Cap (Montipora capricornis): $5
Yellow prostrata $10
I would take them !!!
Forked River exit 74

Okay, just figured I'd post this up before people start fighting over stuff in terms of availability. In sequence of who contacted me FIRST, here they are from my inbox.

*whew* gladly, I have doubles and uncut frags available. Guys, just get back to me please who is coming down in the morning of either Mon, Tues or Wednesday OR if I'm bringing up frags to work, thanks!


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I would HIGHLY recommend that you place them under what's closest to what lights they are originally under, but it is NOT unheard of, placement is Key. I know someone here on NJRC that was able to keep a few SPS under 220 watts of VHO with no problem, and I used to have a 20 gallon tank with only 260 watts of PC's and they did OK (did not grow as much compared to under the halides in my main tank). Again, the closer they are to your light source, the better.

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question, will the orange cap and purple rim cap do well under 12K p/c's?