SPS puddles about to touch


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Well I may have made a little mistake. I have a Upscales Microcladus frag mounted about an 1 1/2" from a Tubs Pink Jade on my live rock. They've fully encrusted and the puddles (or the base) of each is now less than 2mm from touching. I've been watching the corals encrust and hoping that they might just give each other space. But the gap is closing fast. Should I move one of the corals? If the bases touch could a war start between the two? And if I do have to move one, how would your recommend moving it? I'd love to save the base of the moved coral if I can separate it from the live rock. Thanks!

Here's a pic of the two.. I'm concerned with the two on the upper left. The lower one only looks close to the others but is actually farther forward.

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Dude that sucks those are nice frags. War shall start if they touch. If you would like to keep the coral I would just cut it as close to the base as possible so you will still have a decent sized frag.


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I think they'll be fine given they are SPS. I have monti caps, digis and a green slimer that are all growing together without any issues. SPS don't have the 'reach' of the lps and I haven't experienced any real issues.


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I wouldn't worry about it, they will fight where they touch and grow where they can it's not like 1 will totally consume the other.


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These frags seem a little close. I would move them apart. When these bad boys grow up, they will definitely be growing into each other and that is when the real war will start.



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I have a bunch growing that close (palmers milli / ORA Joe / ORA GBP / ORA Plum Crazy) They are all touching and nothing has happened. Its your call. You can leave them or if u feel safer frag one and leave the base to see how it plays out in your own eyes

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try taking the rock out and use a chisel to break the rock underneath it, if that's Fiji then it should be easy to shave off a thin layer of rock where the frag is encrusted.


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Thanks for the replies! I think for now i'm gonna let it play out. So far they're not affecting one another. If this changes I may try scraping one from underneath. I use this method a lot when my rose bubble tip anemones reproduce. I scrape of a thin layer of rock from underneath the foot with a sharp knife. I loose the coraline but it grows back. Hopefully this is possible with one of these frags. I just would hate having to break off the frag from the base and start the process from scratch.