Sps recovery


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Can anyone tell me if an Sps piece will recover after tank levels got out of wack. I guess I got lazy with testing and water changes and things started looking bad. I had a few pieces of pocilipora die off and birdsnest starting to turn brown. Also a stylo stopped extending its polyps. I finally got the tank back under control. Thru 2 large water changes on a 120. 2 50 gal changes one week apart.Birdsnest colored back up. Added a frag of pocilipora doing good. The only piece not extending is the stylo. Also using GFO and Phos-ex to lower phosphates. Don't want to lose stylo. All levels good for 3 days now.

Nitrate 9
Phosphate 0.05
Mag 1250
Cal 450
Salinity 1.025
Temp 76
Alk 8.9

Reef Bass

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Yes, it is possible for the styo to recover. You'll likely need to keep the water chemistry at the proper levels for more than 3 days though. ;)


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Thanks for replying. It’s a great looking piece and don’t want to lose it. It has 23 heads and barely hanging in there. Unfortunately I don’t have a quarantine tank so my only other option would be to place it in my lfs tank if they would even consider holding it for me. Thanks for your answer.


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If anyone is wondering, tank parameters at good levels again in my 3rd week. Stylo has come back strong . All potions that turned white have new polyps again . Birdsnest turning back to green- yellow and everything else in tank looking great again. Water chemistry more important than anything else. Don’t get lazy like me.