SPS with Power Compacts


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Any suggestions for what SPS I can get to successfully grow with 260 watts coming from power compacts? I realize that a MH pendant would take care of this but can I grow certain kinds with just my PC?

THank you


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Absolutly, just keep them near the surface, and centered under the bulb.

Water movement and keeping your phosphates on the lower end of the scale will help with growth.


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I had good sucess growing M. Digitata and M. Capricornis under PC lights. Just as MrPike suggested, I kept them high in the tank.


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closer to the center of the bulb if you do it and a couple inches from the bulb.........its really just a bad idea as your colors are going to suck anyways

get some Mh or T5's


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I have kept a green digitata and a purple pociliopora under 4X 96w PCs with success and color. I heard monti caps and birdsnest are OK under PC as well. Put the frags as close as to the light as possible, and stay away from blue, purple, and hot pinks because you'll not be able to keep the color no matter how high you place them. HTH


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I kept SPS under PC for over a year before giving up and going to halide. The key is incredible water flow "TUNZE" for me, and placing the coral as high as you can. You also want perfect tank stability, temperature controllers and auto top offs are a must in a successful SPS system. Supplementation either mechanical or manual is also something you will need to do or invest in. Also find a local reef club and make lots of friends with y our same interest if you have not already. Hands on experience will lead you to an incredible system in time.

IME Some monti caps color up nice under 50/50 265 watt PC, VHO, or T-5. I had a nice green with purple rim monti that grew very fast under PC. Like mentioned above, you will not get great color from most acros. Pociliopora will grow like weeds provided good flow and Ca/Alk balance. I had both a pink and a green and both did great. Staghorns will do good as well but will loose a lot of there color. My favorite was the ORA turquoise staghorn it remained a bit blue. I also had an ORA blue tort in that system. It grew very slow and color was more purple than dark blue. My best advice to you is get you a halide the only real way to enjoy SPS is with more intense lighting at a higher K temp say 14K or so. SPS are amazing animals and there colors border on the surreal but in a PC system you won't be as amazed after seeing a well lit system.

Hope that helps.