sps worthy skimmer for a 20L


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i am having nitrate problems in my 20L. i am now keeping them around 10 with my new remora skimmer but i am not liking it too much. i want to get it to 0. the bioload on my 20 isnt too bad. i have 3 pjs, a neon dottyback, mandarin and a harlequin shrimp.

before i had the skimmer i was maintaing 20 with a non productive fuge, and bi-weekly water changes. now i am doing changes once a week and 10 seems like the number

i am thinking a asm g1x, euroreef rs-80, or an octo 110. i would like to do the octo 110 for the cost factor, but if it wont keep my nitrates at 0 i wont get it.


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Do you still have your fuge? Also are you checking your TDS on your water source?
How big of water changes are you doing?


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tds is zero as i use r/o and yes i check it.

5 gallons weekly

no the "fuge" was my wetdry with a sandbed and cheato and caleurpa. it didnt work, nothing grew and i think it was more destructive than productive. stuff got caught in sand and rotted.
im going to make one, im looking into the cpr aquafuge or my extra 20L