Squamosa clam spawned on Saturday

Dawn II

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I have a 160 gal reef (prob. 120 gal of water) I have a clam that is prob 6 years old, the shell is about 12 inches now. We came home yesterday and noticed a slight cloudiness to the tank- just then, the clam spewed forth a huge cloud. This happened about every 2 minutes and went on for more than 4 hrs. the contractions were very intense, and broke the surface of the water. The water became extremely cloudy, and smelled of clam sex. We put airstones in the water, added 3 chemi pures, and a bag of carbon.and did 3 -35 gal water changes between 5:00 and 10:00. The protein skimmer was going crazy, and the sump was full of foam and sliminess.The clam continued to contract for a long time afterwards- even though at the end, we saw no more eggs or sperm. This morning I got up not knowing what I would face. The water had cleared pretty much. the sump was gooey. I drained the sump, threw out the carbon, put new in, and did another 35 gal water change. The tank looks pretty good now- so far no casualties- fish, shrimps, and stars are alive. My ammonia is above .25- not sure what to do. I added some Prime- but not sure how much to use. Anyone have a similar experience?

John Zillmer

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I believe that the regular label dosage for Prime is 1ml/10gal (confirm that the bottle says this). I would just use the regular dosage for slightly more than .25ppm ammonia. That's really not that bad of a spike, IMO -- you shouldn't experience any livestock losses unless the ammonia level is still on the rise.