Square Boxed Anthia


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I just got This guy 2 days ago, so far I cant get him to eat. He will mouth the food and then spit it out, At least he is trying. I have feed him homemade gumbo and some flake food. I have to run and get some frozen brine today and try that. Does anyone have any tips to help. Sorry about the bad pic just haven't got a good one of him swimming in the tank.


Thanks in advance for the help.


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My pair was reluctant to take brine shrimps but they really jumped on mysis :thumbsup:
I've had them for about 2 years now :D


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I'm with Snorvich - Hikari mysis, nutramar ova; also, cyclopeeze and smooshed frozen formula one (break it into little bits).
water flow is EXTREMELY important

water flow is EXTREMELY important

food MUST be moving in water column.

The singular of Anthias is Anthias ;)

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Read Scott Michaels 'Reef Fishes Vol. One' for tons of great information on Anthias.


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Pink Squares are well known for not eating for a while. My pair held out for about 10 days and I've heard of individuals going longer. You may try turning the lights down until they acclimate. these fish come from deeper water and don't do real well with reef-level lighting.


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LIVE GHOST shrimp will work well. Frozen mysis or live brine will work. I've tried this fish twice and have had feeding issues both times.


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Thank you for all the info I will see what happens soon. I guess I have to get some mysis.

......and some patience. It isn't at all unusual for any fish to wait a while before eating; much less this one. I'd some real research on this fish, they are very demanding.


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i feed mine PE mysis and rods reef frozen food and they go nuts for it although I have diff. Anthias than you


I had a pair before I lost them from ich. I started them with live mysis shrimp soaked with garlic and they liked it and then I gave them some spectrum pellets which they also liked. Currently have Bartlett Anthias, they love spectrum pellets!:fish1:


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Mine wouldn't eat at first either. After 10 weeks of QT she would eat any frozen food thrown in the tank. Now 2 years later she eats anything. She even eats nori as long as it moving in the water column.


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I added a female over the weekend. Got some mysis shrimp as well and soaking it in garlic before I feed. They still wont eat the mysis all the way, sometimes spitting it back out. but at leats they are trying to eat its promising. I guess its been a while since i got any new fish. Im sure that my anthias were eating frozen mysis and gumbo in the ocean LOL. They will just have to get used to it. Thanks for all the helpful advice here.
Pic of the female and male


I will keep this updated on the progress.


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I have a couple of these. Although mine eat, they seem to really like the rotifers from my breeding setup. If you have access to some you might want to try that.