SquirtGun advice?


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Hi All,

Yes, this is a bit strange, but I have the need to build a squirtgun, and would like to ping a few minds. It's use will be on a boat, so the pump could actually stay in the water.

I need a good stream (don't we all) to go a distance of 20 feet or so. I was thinking about using a mag9pump to pull from a large cooler of water(reservoir) or the bay water , using tubing and PVC, but wasn't sure if this would be the proper way to go about this. Since we've all done a bit of plumbing in this hobby, I thought I'd reach out and see what ideas are out there.

I look forward to your responses.




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I would use a high pressure wash gun. Maybe one of the cheapo's. I bet you could get one of the lil ones on Ebay or Craigslist for about the price of your project.


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would I be out of line to ask what this will be for? I could use one of these durring the first week of lobster season on the keys when the fish and game check your boat 8 times a day...


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Not out of line at all...

My folks like at the beach, and take part in a boat parade with 100's of boats. Many people come out on their docks with waterguns and water balloons, so we're trying to create a weapon using simple equipment that would be able to propel water a short distance without a constant refuel.

Lobster seaon on the keys...Man you have a rough life.