squmosa under 390 pc?


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do you think a squmosa would do good under 390 watts of pc on my 75?

aren't they the clams that require the less light?


any suggestions would be great!!
I am finding out that they are not in any need of the normal MH bulbs and was informed by my LFS that it would be okay under my 220w VHO, but i should change my 50/50 to a 10k.
I have a maxima and two croceas in my 90 gallon with 384 watts of PC lighting for over a year and they are all doing VERY well. Good color and everything. I even have two of them on the sand bed. Maybe I am just lucky.
I talked to a guy tonight who refuses to get MH since they give off UV rays (cuases cancer) and is using 440w VHO in a 75g and has 3 top grade blue Maxima's he has one that was 2" only 7 months ago and is now almost 5". Told me his lights were 24" away from the sandbed(raised it higher to get ripple affect on sandbed). His lighting is 2-10ks;1-50/50;1-actinic blue. His brohter uses 6-55w PC bulbs and also has 1 maxima that is doing fine, not sure his lighting scheme though.