Stand and canopy to hide plumbing


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I'm trying to think of how I can hide the plumbing on the back of my tank. Since my tank will be a room divider type, viewable on three sides, one of the short sides will be the one on the wall, and that means it will be easier to see the plumbing coming off the back of the tank. I'll two 1.5" drains and a 1" return on that side.

So if you have a tank that has some sort of trim on the back of the tank that hides the plumbing, I'd really appreciate it if you would post a pic so I can get ideas of how to do it. I read the reeferhead's build thread today and like how he used that trim. That's the idea I'm going for.

Also, if you live within maybe 20-30 mins of Belleville and have something like that, could I come take a look? Sorry if that's weird since I haven't met any of you, but I have to start somewhere, right?