Stand, canopy, T5 lights, skimmer, pumps, UV sterilizer, wave maker, fs CHEAP SF/DC


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Thanks for looking!
I have a few things that are not being used and need to be put to good use.

1. Nice oak stand and canopy for a 50 or 55 gallon tank / aquarium. $120
(please note that this is stand, canopy and lights only. There is no tank / aquarium being sold with it) This stand and canopy combo costs over $400 depending on where you buy it. Dimensions are:

Stand; 50"Lx15"Wx30"H and inside cabinet area is 48"Lx12"Wx26"H (a sump or other things can be placed here.

Canopy; 50"Lx14"Wx6"H

Lights; a T5 ballasts that runs 2 54w T5 bulbs, reflector, a day bulb and a dark bulb (D+D and ATI Sunpro). Wired to a bulb right now.

2. 4 watt Aquanetics Q4IL UV sterilizer plumbed to a microjet pump 450 water pump with adjustable flow (needs new bulb), Rio 600 water pump, Rio 400 water pump, Natural Wave timer strip with one adjustable plug working. All of this for $20 Some pictures below!

3. Large Water pump. $10

4. DAS BX1 German skimmer $40. Needs an impeller.

There are more pictures here:

Most of these items can be used for fresh water , salt water , reef , corals etc.
Thanks for your time and have a great day!
Going through people as they pmed/posted.

Item #1 (stand, light, canopy) has been sold.

Thank you for your interest and I will post here so every one will see what is going on with the items.

Thanks to every one for your interest.

Every thing has been sold.

Best of luck on your individual searches!