Stand for a 26 bowfront


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I have a 26 gallon bowfront tank that I bought used. And the stand that came with it (petsmart...i think) and I'm starting to think the stand needs to be replaced. It looks like that the wood that it is made from has absorbed a some water and has started to swell near the base.... It looks like particle board to me.

I've started looking for stand replacements online but the ones that are made for a 26 bowfront look pretty cheap, I.E petco/petsmart .

When I asked the owner of the LFS I go to. He suggested that if I didn't want to build my own stand that sense it's not a huge tank and not super heavy. that I could buy a similarly sized rectangle Stand and use that as long as none of the tank hangs over the I know the look your most likely giving me and thinking how dumb/ bad idea that is. Because that's the same look I gave the guy at the LFS. but the more I thought about it the more it seems like it could work.

I could build it but I've never build anything like that before

Any suggestions?


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It isn't that difficult to be honest. You do need the proper tools though or else it turns in to a grudgingly bad build. You can always rent the tools as well. If you need help, let me know.