Stand slightly too big for tank?


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Hey there guys, we're in the process of setting up a 29 gallon glass tank and we wanted to get a stand that was slightly bigger than the tank itself. I totally spaced on the physics involved in supporting the weight of this thing, and while the front and rear edges line up, there's about a 2.5" space between the sides of the stand and the edge of the tank.

Is this going to be okay with such a small tank, or is this a deal breaker for the setup? Any information/suggestions are fully appreciated.

Thanks for your help



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Hard to say without seeing the tank and tank, if would be a very well made stand that has enough support side to side to handle, but if it a flimsy stand may not. What material is the stand made of, Solid wood, particle board?


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As long as your tank is a standard one with plastic trim, it needs support at the 4 corners. Anywhere else is gravy.

If you have any doubts, just place a piece of 3/4" plywood between the tank and stand. I've built many "oversized" stands for tank and have yet to have one (or the tank) fail.