Starfire 187, 55g setup, Iwaki, MH ballasts FS


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187 Gallon 60"x30"x24" Aquarium Obsessed Starphire Tank front and both sides - Custom oak stand and canopy - built by cabinet maker - dark wood. Pics show plumbing but there is no pluming installed. about 2.5 years old only ran for a year by original owner I never got the cash or time to set it up.





55 Gallon Tank oak stand and custom canopy - honey brown finish.

$150 Shipped
Iwaki 40 RLXT - 1200 GPH perfect shape ran for less than a year.

$80 shipped
IceCap 660 electonic ballast.

$50 each shipped
2x 175w F-can ballasts.

More equipment and pics to come.
Pickup only on the tanks. Paypal prefered.

Thanks, Dave