Starfish disease or wound?


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I noticed this strange wound on my starfish today. I can't tell if it looks like something attacked it or if it is some kind of disease. It is infected on the top and the bottom of the starfish. I fed them today and I noticed him eating. I know they are pretty resilient creatures. Is this something I should worry about? I will definately keep an eye on it.




Sir Crabby

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I dont know about disease or wound, what kind of fish do you have? Are any the type that might try to eat a large starfish? If not then I am betting on disease. Also I read in a book that starfish shouldn't be brought out of the water do to air gets trapped under their feet area and they cant get the bubbles out which causes an infection. When I'm at a LFS and purchase a starfish I make them put the bag underwater and put the starfish in without removing him. Depending how new he is maybe thats what happened.


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yeah isnt it bad for them to be out of water? You may have just caused even more issues.

From the underside it almost looks like hes about to loose that leg??? does anything ever bother him?