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Fromia and Linkia types. Supposedly most don't live past 6 months to a year in tanks. I've had both for several months and they appear to be doing fine, but time will tell.


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cerpent stars are good and last 4ewer... feed with fish food.
only problem-they knock things down.


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How about a couple of Harlequin Serpent Stars? Just got a couple of these the other day:



They are around 4" from arm tip to arm tip.



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Ihoy - I forgot all about the serpents - very good choices, although you don't see them out very often. I have a nice one too and it always has it's arms out at feeding time & occasionally will take a walk across the tank in the daytime. They are surprisingly fast too! They're also very hardy and long lived, plus a great part of a cleanup crew. Here's mine on a recent, but rare "stroll" at feeding time:



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I agree about the clean-up crew part. They are probably the best at eating dead/rotting things in the tank like dead fish/invertebrates. They clean it up and eat it so fast. But you might be dissapointed in them like me, because they don't come out often, I read that you can teach them to come out by only feeding them in the morning in one spot.

Acclimate the stars carefully too and good luck.