Started Fuge, Hair Algae outbreak


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In creating my new fuge I have hair algae breaking out everywhere. I started with a small batch of Cheato. Its growing. But what I believe its the light is creating the hair algae and the Chaeto is not a large enough batch to outcompete what's growing. Is that accurate? If so, I'll just find more cheato. But I was curious about your feedback.


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First you mention lights. What kind do you have? Halide and fluorescents both have a lifespan. As they age, they change in wavelength. That or sun getting into the display can contribute to algae growth. On the outcompete part, IMHO that really doesn't work. You want to create conditions that allow one to work harder than the other.
Remove as much hair in the display as you can. Go with a "lights out" for 2 or three days. Don't go any longer than that. Keep the fuge lights on their regular schedule.
This will allow time for the algae in the tank to die back. The cheato will be the only thing to be able to grow since the hair has no light.