started my zoa / paly garden


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Only been a few months and I'm starting to see some new growth (thank god) I'm a long way from when I want to be but its a start. Its early so there are still waking up.:sleep:


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Sorry about the crappy pics, I need a better camera or something to get better images.

Thanks, specs are pretty simple.

-75g bb with ? lb of mixed live rock (had high phosphates still fighting them down with water changes)
- CPR backpack skimmer with 2 250watt heats in side.
-Vortech MP10w
-3 Hydor Koralia Evolution 550
- 4 48" T5 API blubs
- 48" stip of blub leds for hours at night, running 3 hours of complete darkness.

-10g water changes by removing detritus and algae every 2 weeks.

-Feeding, I used to feed a lot but I have basicly stopped, I now only feed the fish New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Fomula pellets. I want to feed more since I noticed the zoas and palys loved it but I have no sump or refugium so my waste export doesn't exsits so I have to be careful of feeding and that really sucks :-( I have a picture of a Paly eating a Mysis if I can find it I'll post it.