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I ran a 5 day course of Excital Red Slime Remover in my 120 SPS tank and noticed today that I am loosing some of my SPS colonies.

I checked my levels and noticed that the Mag dropped from 1495 to 1395 and Cal dropped from 4450 to 345 and DKH stayed the same at 7.4.

I also noticed that the Spec Gravity dropped from 1.025 to 1.022.

All this in the last week. What is the problem? The product I used causing the drops? Which one of these drops hurts the SPS the most?

Thx as I am stirring new salt water for a change right now. I usually wait 24 hrs but am in a rush to correct the Spec gravity. Will it hurt anything to only stir the new salt for 2 hours then do a quick change?

What would you do?



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the excital did not drop your leves, it might have killed your corals from lack of oxygen or a cemical in the redslime remover. a great lesson to learn in the hobby, manuel removel and persistant water quality are your two biggest allies. never treat your tank with fly by night chemicals.


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Yeah i'd say the red slime remover and/or the salinity drop (most likely) would have caused the most problems. Isolate them and find stability in a regimen that you could manage sustainably.


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You want to wait at least 12 hours, preferably 24, before using newly mixed water, it's very caustic.


This is why i wonder why people dump any old thing into their systems for a "quick fix"... sorry to hear about your troubles, but jus dumping things in like that, only lead to problems imo... there are better ways to fix these issues, they jus arent a "quick", but never as costly...


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i used chemiclean after battling cyano for over a month and it cleared it out and havent had any problem yet, so I understand why you bought it.

I tried 20% water changes every week, cut back feedings, etc. so im actually glad I used the chemical.

I don't have any experience with that one, however. Once you get things back in order maybe try chemiclean instead.
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never a quick fix in this hobby....personally I'd never dump any sort of chemical aiding in algae or slime removal into a full blown sps reef. Any algae or cyano problem can be defeated with diligent maintenance and manual removal.....


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Total misinformation. Do you just make this stuff up?

you needed to quote him twice in the same thread? We get it you hardly mix your salt and it works for you.......

Obv some people will disagree, but it is advisable to mix your new salt for at least 12 hours for regularly scheduled maintenance. This should allow for the salt mix to dissolve completely and to get the temp up to where it should be. Keep in mind every salt mix is different and some dissolve better/faster than others.

Personally with as much time and $ I have invested into my reef, waiting a bit longer for my salt mix to mature seems like a no brainer to me.


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yup all this chemicals you adding into your tank for removing something, sometimes it may leads to a disaster could causes crushing your tank easly. you wanted to remove something gotta take it really slow otherwise ended up loosing all your livestock, i would say do the water change every 2-3 weeks & reduced of feeding check all your params to see if its in right level.. this would help to get rid off all those cyno. it sucks though those sps you seeing slowly dying & smell those rtn odor then nothing you can do save it all, believe me that happened to me in the passed something i really didn't want to know from time to time now, anyway like everybody says your the boss in your tank you make mistake & you learn how to maintain all safe. just keep in mind with this hobby always have a patient goodluck hope everything turn out ok to save some of your sps.