Starting 36 Gallon Bowfront Reef Tank


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Hey everyone! Just want to quickly introduce myself! My name is Ryan and I have been wanting to start a reef tank since I was a senior in HS. Unfortunately, due to budget issues, it has always been a dream and not a reality! Well, I recently graduated from the University of Alabama and now have some money that I can spend on a tank! Originally I was going to just do a 10 gallon tank because that's all that I had at the time, but fortunately, I found a 36 Gallon Bowfront for $40 on craigslist! I went and picked it up as quickly as I could! It was too good of a deal to pass up! After cleaning the tank up really good it looks brand new! Going to leave it filled with water outside for the next week or so just to check for any leaks just in case!

So now that I have the tank, here is my idea! 40 lbs Caribsea Ocean direct original grade sand with 30-40 lbs dry rock. As far as lighting, I am not exactly sure what to do! The tank currently has a hood, and I would definitely want to have Corals in the tank at some point! The problem is that idk how to mount it... what would I do for a lid on top? If I upgrade the light Im looking at the Vipraspectra 165W LED Aquarium light. I know this is the cheap option, but like I said, I'm a recent graduate... still not making enough to justify the big lights yet! Also this is my first tank, so im probably going to keep it simple for a while, and may eventually upgrade. Was thinking some GSP, Euphyllia, Bubble, Duncaan, Zoas, Xenias, leathers, just simpler things.

I was contemplating a 10 gallon sump with one of my leftover tanks! The problem is that the tank would need to be drilled or have a HOB overflow! I found this kit to DIY it. Would it be worth it or should I just get a HOB overflow instead?

I've got a ton more questions, but should probably leave it at that for now! Thanks for any help/advice you can give me! I need all the help I can get!