starting a 125gl


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i am thinking about starting a 125gl i have a 55gl and i need help with the stuff i would need to buy for a 125gl?

Aqua Keepers

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I'm building a 125 as well and can assist a little.
Are you useing the 55 for a sump?
What do you plan to keep? Fish only? Soft corals? LPS? SPS?
Everything else will depend on those questions.

Aqua Keepers

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If you think you might get into softies later you might as well get the equipment now as upgrading is a pain.

Fish only systems dont really require special lights. However, softies do. You could get away with VHO or PC lights for them, but trust me you'll end up wanting to keep some more demanding corals down the road. So, you should get good lighting to start. You could keep just about any corals under metal halides or T5 lighting. I'm gonna get T5's fromm