Starting a 2nd tank (substrate question)

mateo lopez

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Quick question, I am starting a new tank and I want to run a good reef sand, not the coarse stuff that I have now (agronite). What product would you recommend for me to run, I want a very natural look as well as take advantage of a deep sand bed for filtration 3 inch.


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oolitic sand is great :) I just put 40 lbs in my 16 bowfront that i'm setting up and it looks way cool. Its about 4 inches is all...i thought it would be more but when you rinse it out you really do loose a bit it seems.


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Caribsea makes good products. I use the Fiji Pink which I like, but many others have good results with Special Reef Grade.

mateo lopez

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I would like to get a natural feel, I'm shooting for a 3 inch bed. The crap the LFS reco'd me is horrible, it was a medium grade agronite and it looks fake.