Starting a Frag Tank What Light


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I am just starting to move into LPS Corals and I'm setting up a small frag tank (10 gallon) as my test area to get started with them as my main tank doesn't have significant lighting yet.

I am able to pick up a BoostLED reef lamp ((the 5 led screw in bulb), from a reefer that is getting rid of his pretty cheap.

I can pick from a:
  • 3 Royal Blue, 1 Cool White, 1 Neutral White at 60 DEG
  • 4 Royal Blue, 1 Cool White at 60 DEG

Is one better than the other for corals if this is the only lighting I have on the tank? My first coral is a frogspawn (purple and green).



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Yeah those will all work.. uless you plan on adding like a clam or an SPS.. then youll need something more powerful.