Starting corals


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My tank has cycled but does not have fish yet, I want a tank with simple Zoas, a host for two upcoming clowns, some pulsating xenias and any other hardy corals that look great. Question is how do I plant the corals? I'm new so what is the best way to put one on the rock and do they grow fairly quick? Thank you for any advice...



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I would still let the tank level out a bit after a cycle. You could add corals now, but you'll save yoruself some trouble if get an algae/diatom/cyano outbreak which is a common occurence in new tanks.

Anyways in terms of getting new corals you normally get a sizable colony, which you can just set in a suitable spot, or frags. Frags will be smaller, commonly found on plugs. I just stick the plug in the rockwork and let the corals spread to adjoining rocks. Eventually either the coral moves off of the plug or I cut out the plug and trade it off. The rest of the colony will fill in the rest.

As for the clowns, most wild ones will host anenomes. Anenome care is different in the fact that they can move around, require good light, and feedings help if not just needed. You'll really want an established tank, about a year. I would wait and add the anenome then the clowns to host.

As for simple zoas/ hardy good looking corals, theres plenty. Most zoas are easy to care for, just need decent light and good water quality. Pulsing xenias I think are even easier. Xienas however are known for taking over and spreading very quickly. Keep that in mind. Soft corals like zoas tend to grow fast for corals. Growth rates can vary from zoa to zoa. Seems like the more colorful ones grow slower than less colorful ones.

So to recap, I would personally recommend waiting to make sure the tank is nice and stable for a few months. Then I would look into some zoa frags or ordering a soft coral package as many of them are easy to care for.