Starting new Marineland DD 150, plenty of questions to follow ... first one here


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I am new here, but have had a 120g Oceanic mixed reef set up for about 11 years. We just moved to a new home, and rather than transport the tank, I decided it would be safer (and more fun) to start with a new tank. I love the Marineland DD 150g 'cube' for it's 36 inch depth, so will be going with that.

My first questions is regarding aquascaping and Marco-rocks. I'd like to get some of their prime-cuts rock and cover the back of the tank...mostly flat, but also with some ledges jutting out. Also, I would leave a few gaps to mount powerheads for flow, so they would be recessed a bit.


- Has anyone done this ... do you have advice or pics?

- Can I use silicone to do the mounting, vs. any sort of epoxy adhesive? I'd like to be able to have this decision easily reversible down the line if I have a change of heart. It seems that the flat rock and silicone should be fine.

- pumps.....I would love to get the MP40s...maybe 2 for the tank, but price wise, I have to make some decisions and can't jump to those right away. The Hydor Magnums look good, and much less expensive. Thoughts on this? Other options?

Thanks everyone for your help - and nice to meet you all.