Starting up a Mixed Reef


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Good Morning All!

I am starting up a mixed reef aquarium roughly 24"x12"x12" (yes a nano). My only question I have is on LED lighting. I plan on a DIY fixture. Ive been reading on the other threads about the ebay LEDS and the actual Cree LEDS, and comparing everything in between. My questions are:

What would be the best mixture of color (K range for a mixed aquarium)?

And how do you determine the best driver to use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


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i have done some research on "ebay" leds and on real actual leds and most suggest that a single cree led is probably equivalent to 2 - 3 of those ebay leds, same 3Ws, but different output intensity.


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Hmm, that would sound about right. I was actually looking at the 50W high output LEDS on there. However, need to know the K range that would look the best and be the best for a mixed reef.


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I did a DIY led for my 75 (not up and running cuz of a move)
anyway...I would just go with cree that way you know your are getting very good quality light + a tank that small your not going to need all that much. I would try to make it a full spectrum by adding uv red and violets maybe green too?
you will have to ask around about the proper mix of those. i did a 2:1 CW to RB ( uv and violets were not out at that time) on 2 channels so I could dim the whites and blues separate...


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I've heard meanwell drivers are pretty good. Have never done a DIY LED myself tho. I have a mixed reef and run mine at 14k and love the growth and color.