Startting an all SPS tank, lighting questions


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Hello all,
I am finally going to start up me an all SPS tank. I have been keeping LPS and SPS for years in my mixed reefs. Anyways, I am having the hardest time deciding how to light my tank. I am going halides, no offense T5 reefers, Im just a halide guy.

Tank specs: Glass Cages 48"x24"x12" no center brace.
Goal: To keep an exclusive SPS tank

Heres what I have come down to:

2x250w DE or SE Lumen Bright Pendants or
2x150w DE Sunlight Supply Lumenmax 3 Pendants

I have scoured the forums for any and all info I can find. Great stuff I may add but I want your opinions.

Since my tank is only 12" deep and I will be running it barebottom. Will 2x250 be overkill? I run 2x150 on my 75 and all is great with all the LPS and Monti. So will 2x150 be more appropriate for a 12"deep tank.

Feel free to post any opinions or better halide options.

Happy reefing

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either will work well. 150's should be more than fine at that depth. 250's will work too, but you might have heating problems...

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That's 12 inches top to bottom or front to back. I would go 150's I tihnk, but if it's possible I'd have a look at the Elos e-power pendants and get a pair. I'm not sure how they compare in cost tho', but they really are a beautiful pendant, and the performance is very good, very strong smooth spread of light. I tihnk they can be gotten with/without a ballast - the one I saw had the elos ballast on it.


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i think the e-power pendants would easily double/triple his current plan for lighting. I have to admit though those look nice AND they work well.


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Thanks for the replies.

The Elos pendants are awesome but a little too pricey for me at the moment.

I am leaning towards 150w but the killer is I can go 250w for a few dollars more.

The tank is 12" deep and 24" wide. I just want to have my bases covered. I know its a matter of personal opinion but I am just being indecisive.


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I would go 250 I think and just raise them a little higher off the surface... I've seen many a frag tank with a 250 on top and a depth of no more than 12". I guess it all depends on how it would look to have your lights 12" off the surface.


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i agree that heat may be an issue with the 250s and the 150s will prob do better with 12" depth


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250w SE will give you the most choice in bulbs, I have a 250w SE 14" off a 10g nano and have no heat issues


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The choice is made! The traveler has come!:dance:
I have decided on the Coralvue Lumenbrights in 250w DE with EVC 20K bulbs

I am planning on mounting them 12" from the waters surface.

One major factor in the choice over SE was that the DE have Glass lenses which I hope will protect the reflector from salt spray and pitting. Plus I have a coralvue ballast already.

This is going to be one cool tank. I picked up my stand today from the fabricator and took it to get linexed. I went 48" tall to put the tank right at viewing height.

Thanks again for all the replies. I will start a build thread in a week or so.