steel bubble algae?


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I noticed i started to get these steel bubble type aglae, is this the algae that if you pop it , it just spreads more. Is this a serious problem? can it be fixed?




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steel bubble algae? do you mean the air bubbles? if so that is normal with a new tank. i had it in my tank ONLY when the lights are on... its from the rocks. they are still "purging" air and stuff out of the rocks. either mix it up and let the air go to the top or just let it do its own purpose. its like a cycle imo.


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I think that's just air bubbles. You're ok. Someday you WILL get bubble algae. It's a pest and not much eats it. It's just something your tank goes through on its way to another algae plague. Right now in my tank I have a waning crop of bubble, a thriving crop of grape caulerpa, and a tiny crop of something red and hairy that looks to be the next problem on the horizon.