Stepping back up to the plate


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Im not sure where to post this as I am not really new to the hobby. I had a 75 gallon mixed reef with canister, LR and skimmer filtration with pc/halide lighting that was thriving before I went to college. I also built a 29g reef with 20g sump/fuge with an external overflow and closed loop. I won't say I'm an expert by far but have very good knowledge of compatibility and maintenance. I've been reading and searching on the new technology and what people are doing now. When I left the hobby I was tied up with school and an overwhelming major. I am now a home owner and have a spot where I want to have a setup viewable from two sides, one looking like a picture frame in the wall in the living room and the other as a standard setup with tank, stand and canopy. I recently picked up a 55g and 75g with stand for next to nothing, neither of which are drilled. The spot will only accommodate a 4ft tank. So I'm torn, do I build a setup with what I have later to move to a 120 or 150 and build my dream tank or do I do it once and go ahead with what I really want.
I'm apprehensive about making a permanent addition to the house as far as resale in the future and interest of my fiancé.

Has anyone done what I'm talking about and if so where is your overflow and how is plumbing run? Pics are always a plus. I've seen what I think is called an island overflow which seems to be the way to go.

My second question is technology especially lighting. LEDs were over a grand for a tank when I left and hqi halides/t5s were just becoming the new thing.

Any tips/comments/recommendations would be awesome. Everything minus glass cutting can/will be DIY. Thanks in advance for the help and listening to my rant. I am excited to get back into the hobby but am not in a hurry and want things to be done right the first time.