Still patiently waiting....


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Hi reefers and breeders... this is a great forum we have here.
My buddy and I are working on breeding some fish in my house. Currently I am pretty confident on 2 pairs of clown and 1 pair of bangaiis. The other 2 clowns I don't think are mature yet. In any case neither have produced offspring

I have had 2 pair of clowns for 3 months now, 1 are maroons and 1 are perculas, and they havn't boinked yet. I will briefly describe each of their homes.
The perculas are in my 70 gallon reef show tank. The female is about 3 1/2" and the male about 2", they constantly hang out together. We did put some tile in the tank which they host at night. There are a couple possible irratants in the tank which I'm working on eradicating- a blue damsel and a CBS, which can be a little bossy at times. The two have been together in their for over 3 months. The female I have had for about 4 years.

The Maroons are about the respective same sizes as the percs. They are in their own 44 gal and have been together for about 2 1/2 months. We just recently bought an anemone which they are both now hosting together. They all eat healthy and a varied diet.

What have you all done to get them to successfully spawn??
I have heard and read a few ways, but what has worked for you all??


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(lol) I know how you feel. but i know how it happens also. just when you least expect it . all i can really advise is feed them good food and try too keep things in a stead balance and when there finally ready they will let ur rip if its meant too be. I had a pair of perculas for 4 years that never spawned a while back


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If you have Maroons the same size as true percs you have a while to wait... Feed them well and keep stress to a minimum.


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thanks for the replies.

Isn't there something to be said that when we first got the anemone only the female was hosting it. After about 4 days, they are both now hosting it. Does that mean they are offically a couple? Are they diddling each other yet? Jeeze, if it was me the deal would have been sealed a long time ago! There young, where's their drive.