still researching; have question


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is it possible to place a crocea or maxima on rock so it's higher in the water column? i'd rather not get a derasa b/c of growth [65 gallon tank] and am wondering if this would be a decent way to get a clam closer to the lights. must they be in the substrate? would it look too odd?
i am using a nova extreme pro model [4 t5ho and 2 actinic] about 10 hours a day.


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the best way is to place it on and around a few small rocks in the sand so that it has no choice to attach to a desirable rock. from there you can relocate it anywhere in the tank you want, and you wont have to pry it off a rock, risk damaging it, and stressing it aswell as yourself anytime you want to rearrange your tank.


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It is my understanding that derassa clams are the only ones that actually lose their foot as they mature, and rely on their weight to hold them down in the sandbed. The others, crocea and maxima, maintain their foot throughout their life and therefore need to be attached on a rock, because they cannot attach their foot to the sandbed. I am running a 12 x 39 watt nova extreme pro fixture and have a 7 inch derassa clam on the sandbed of my 150 gallon. It has been enough light so far and it has been in my tank about 4 months. Just to let you know.