Stock Picotope 3gal: What can I do with it?


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Talking about the stock 3gal Picotope kit with the little power filter and the 9w 50/50 pc. What can you grow with that light? Any mods I should read up on? What I'm wanting is a small desktop tank for my office. Something with zoa's, shrooms, maybe some gsp's etc, invert only. Worried about the light mainly. Would love some input. Thanks.


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A lot of people end up upgrading he light eventually, however I have seen people have some success with softies under that light, so it can be done, it is probably just a bit more tricky. Don't know if that helps...


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Here's what it looks like with the stock light. I had it on for around a month before I upgraded. The red mushrooms did good and the palys did fine also.