Stocked Red Sea Max For Sale


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A little over 1 year old 34 gallon Red Sea Max (black) with stand for sale (lights changed less than 60 days ago and good for about 10 months).

System comes with all standard components (skimmer, built in timer, lights, powerheads, etc.), Eheim Ecco canister filter (middle one rated for 60 gallons) with all the tubing for running carbon and/or GFO, a Korilia 1 power head (for extra circulation on the right side), about forty lbs of live rock, 1 royal gramma, 1 starry blenny, pair of false percula clownfish, and a six line wrasse.

Rock has some algae, and tank has some minor scratches but nothing which is noticeable when filled.

Asking $400.
I would post a picture, but I do not have a digital camera. It is your standard RSM with all the extras listed. New tank and stand sell for $750, plus I am throwing in the rock, canister filter, Korilia, and fish. If I do not get this sold and picked up by July 9, then I will likely keep the system as a hospital set up for my new system.
So take the entire thing and sell the fish for $5 each... then youll have a tank for even less than $300....

Id be all over this if I had the room.