Stocking 54 gal corner reef. what do you think


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Tank has now been up and running for 3-4 weeks, cycles almost complete, partial clean up crew has been going strong in there. Also a small GSP frag is doing well so I'm almost there! i've been good and patient! lol

so now I'm pretty sure on the following fish in order

Phase 1

clowns: pair of picasso's
1 bangai cardinal

Phase 2

1-2 firefish
1 royal gramma

Phase 3

5 chromis

last and maybe........
flasher wrasse
yellow coris wrasse
Flame angel
Coral beauty

I think a flasher wrasse and yellow wrasse would add alot of color and movment. But I've ALWAYS wanted a flame angel.. But this is a reef tank so there is always the oppertunity to nip at corals... I plan on mostly LPS, couple softies and a couple SPS. so it really will be a mixed back.

I run a canister filter with Chemipure elite(nothing else) and a Remora C skimmer good for 75 gallons, also, 20% water changes every week. water is at 79. For flow I have the cansiter, a korlida 750 behind the rock work to keep the detrius off, and a MP10.