stocking a 75g with predators


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im thinking about getting a 75g, i currently wanna stock a rhinecanthus trigger juvi, cockerel wrasse & some others. ik the trigger is hotly debated but im gonna upgrade by the time in moving out (in like 3 years)


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My only issue would be the trigger but I think you’ll be okay as long as you have an upgrade plan in the works which sounds like you do


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it isnt planned rn but i will plan it later. im prob gonna like get a big plywood tank
This guy @Crumbs did this big tank in my local forum and was breeding nurse sharks! He has an account on here as well but he's dissappeared from everywhere since 2012. Had the craziest over the top filtration system if I recall correctly.


The thread is here if you are interested in how he constructed it:

DIY Tank