stocking a 90g reef


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Just want to check how many fish I can stock in a 90g reef tank.

my list is :

2 percula clowns
1 cinnamon clown
1 bicolor blenny
1 coral beauty

1 yellow tang

what else can i add?
Your help is much appreciated.

I think you'd be taking a chance with the Cinnimon Clownfish if you intend to keep a pair of Perculas. The pair will be aggressive in all likelihood. Also, Coral Beauties aren't generally reef-safe and you'd be putting certain coral in jeopardy, like zoanthids, if you have them in your reef.
i guess i'll cross out one percula then.
I do have a coral beauty atm in my 40g reef. he's not touching any of my zoas so far.
I have a pair of perc's in my 90 along with a cinnamon clown and they do just fine together.
I would lose either the pair of clowns or the Cinnimon Clownfish, I have a pr of O. Clowns, Flame Angel, Hippo tang, Yellow Tang and 3 Chromis in my 90.
I think you could probably add 1-2 more royal-gramma-sized fish, especially if you have a refugium. I actually like royal grammas, but you could consider ditching the two percula and adding a collection of fairy wrasses or perhaps Assessor spp, although Assessors are hard to find.
i would pick one or the other for the clowns, in my 90g i have 3 blue chromis, a Lm blennie, a fridmani psuedo, flame angel, and 2 false percs

im not too familiar with the cinn. clowns but can you get a maited pair?
Here is my list:

Six-line Wrasse
Twin Spot Goby
Rainford Goby
Yellow Choris Wrasse
Percula Clown
Yellow Tang

They all get along fine in my 90 gal with sump.